Kirsten Opstad is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. She has performed in legendary music venues, crowded living rooms, corners of art galleries, back rooms and cafes across the United States.

Her most recent studio album Stay Strangers is a collection of original recordings created at Skeleton Studios and released by Teleportation. Produced and engineered by expert music technologist Jason Dragon and mixed by Platinum-selling Kraig Tyler, Stay Strangers is an intimate body of work which showcases the raw, emotional intensity of Kirsten’s songwriting and performance.

Other recordings include: moons, a series of EPs released with the sequential full moons for which they are named: Strawberry, Buck, Sturgeon, Harvest, Hunter and Frost; Sound I Make, an EP consisting of experimental writing/recording styles; Monday, Monday which includes selections of covers from a yearlong song-per-week project; Land of the Free, a collection of covers mixed at Skeleton Studios; Fear of Swimming, a collection of originals recorded at Interstellar Studios; Together We Fall Apart, a multi-artist covers compilation of break up songs; and Keep Your Stupid Moon, a collaboration with poet/musician Stevie Subrizi as The Crazy Exes from Hell.

She lives in Los Angeles and enjoys soup.